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Best Advice When it Comes to Moving Supplies

If you ask people about moving supplies, most of them will say boxes and tape. That is true, however, you need a variety of supplies at different points during your move. We asked our professional team of movers for their advice when it comes to packing supplies. Here is a list of some of the recommended moving supplies and equipment you might need.

Essential Packing Supplies

Quality Boxes 

It is all too common to see people grab whatever is at hand without thinking. Various types of boxes are available, each with its own size, weight, and purpose. The only rule here is not to put everything in every box. Save small boxes for small items if possible, but use moving boxes when you can. Sometimes it is worth saving the box that came with electronic devices and odd-shaped items. It's imperative not to overpack boxes and make them too heavy. If possible, choose to rent plastic moving boxes or use recycled cardboard boxes. If you choose plastic moving boxes they get picked up by the moving company and reused again. Cardboard boxes can be recycled or donated to a friend that is moving.

Some people consider taking the option of a full-service move so the moving company takes care of the packing and unpacking. The best part of this service is that they provide the packing supplies.

Quality Packing Tape 

Do not invest in dollar store tape because this cheap tape has issues sticking. We recommend quality tape like 3M. It’s also a good idea to get a tape machine. This will make taping things easy. Make sure that you stock up on tape and buy more than you think you might need.

Labels / Markers. 

The best thing you can do is to clearly mark all boxes. This saves time when unloading the truck and placing each item in the room that is labelled on the box.

Bubble Wrap. 

It’s important to wrap very delicate items like including glassware and china with bubble wrap. Also, use it to provide extra cushioning inboxes.

Packing Paper. 

Packing paper is essential for wrapping fragile items in and for filling space in boxes. Instead of using old newspapers, purchase ink-free paper. Your belongings may be ruined if the newspaper ink transfers onto them.

Moving Day Necessities

Moving Dollies

Save time and your back when you use a moving dolly. Regardless of how heavy they are, this is the best way to move a number of moving boxes at once. Load the heaviest boxes at the bottom and go lighter as the stack grows. Next, tilt it back and move it into your truck or into your home by simply pushing or pulling it. 

Furniture Pads 

A moving blanket is a fantastic way to protect your belongings during a move. Appliances, furniture, and other large items can easily be wrapped in them. They’re also great for stopping scratches, damage and dirt. 

Moving Straps. 

Another great way to secure your moving boxes, crates, and everything else is with retractable cargo straps, also called tie-down straps or ratchet straps. 

Hire Professional Movers.

Outsource the stress of packing and moving to the professionals. We have the experience, knowledge, and moving equipment necessary to move your possessions to your new home safely. Morrison Moving has over 30 years of experience. We offer the best value for moving services in the Hamilton and Niagara area.




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