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Best Advice for a Stress free Office Move in Hamilton Ontario

Best Advice for a Stress free Office Move in Hamilton Ontario

Office relocation seems a very laborious and daunting task. To move your office, you need to think about everything in the office. After deciding the essential items to move, the first step is their packaging. Starting from planning and choosing what to move and the packaging material, it’s a time-taking and monotonous task. So, Michael Morrison is here to provide you best and most experienced planning advice and some eco-friendly packaging materials. Have By following these 7 points strategies, you may find a better solution to your problem.

1. Pre-plan Your Move Ahead

Before moving your office, you need to pre-plan the whole process. There are professional moving services available both online and physically. Search for such professional movers. You can approach them and get to know about their services, charges according to the services by visiting them physically or online from their portal or website. You can ask their previous customers about their services, or you can check reviews on their website. Search for at least three or more moving companies in your range and provide good moving services. You can contact them and ask about insurance and any other queries you may have in your mind.

2. Create a Moving Plan and Item List

After finalizing the moving date with the professional moving company, create a moving plan. Decide the date and time of shifting. Select items to move according to your requirement and the available space in the new office. If the place you are relocating to is congested, minimize the items for moving. Create a bucket list to exclude unwanted or less important objects. Make detail of your belongings that you want to add in moving boxes to reduce their chances of missing out or mixing items with any other items. You can also get help through online services of different mover’s offices and match your item list with the one provided on their website. Start with main items like furniture or electric and gas appliances, then move to small objects. Recheck your drawers, cupboards, and shelves for any hidden items.

3. Assign Tasks to Your Staff

You alone might not be able to do all this and remember each item, so you should take help from office staff in shifting. Ask them to help you in listing the items, packing different items, planning the movement of items packed in diverse packing materials. While moving an office, there are several items to pack. Pick staff members who know packing well and let them pack items in suitable packings. Assign duties among staff members to shift the boxes to the ground floor before the movers arrive.

4. Prepare for Packaging Step by Step

Packaging is an integral step in moving offices. Package objects carefully according to the requirement of material. Fragile materials need extra packaging so, pack them carefully and wisely to keep them intact from weight, shocks etc. Paper boxes may get wet in case of rain or tear while loading material on the vehicle. Therefore, it is better to prefer plastic moving boxes over paper packaging. Plastic containers should be neat and clean. The best moving companies provide several types of packaging boxes in their packing services. After packing, label all the boxes with the name of items inside.

5. Book Elevators on Time

The elevator should be booked almost two to four weeks before the shifting date. Book during the regular working hours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Consider the time the elevator will take in reaching your location. The elevator can often be booked only for a few hours. Book elevators in advance to prevent anyone else from calling it another floor. Make sure the elevator remains with your movers throughout the process to avoid wastage of time.

6. Create a Floor Plan to Clear Pathway for Moving

Create a pathway from where it is easy to shift heavy boxes. If your office is located on the upper story, the vehicle cannot arrive at your doorstep. You need to find a place; from where you can comfortably load and shift boxes on the truck. Moving boxes in the elevator and taking them downstairs when the vehicle has arrived wastes a lot of time. It may increase your expenses, as movers charge for the wait time. If you live on the ground floor, ensure that the path used during shifting boxes into the truck or other vehicle is clean. Ensure that no hurdle or other dangerous bump is on the pathway. Because this may slow the shifting process or damage the fragile items.

7. Have Enough Parking Space for Trucks

Make sure that there is enough space for the vehicle to stay beforehand. If the available parking space is on the road, it may block all traffic. To avoid this problem. Try to make a good parking area for the vehicle. If that is not feasible, shift your items to a location with good parking. Good parking space is vital for a safe and comfortable moving process.

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