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Avoid These Top Six Mistakes When Moving

Avoid These Top Six Mistakes When Moving

Planning for a move is a hectic experience. There are so many things to do, including budgeting, packing, logistics, and preparing to move your household items from one location to another. When rushing while moving, it is straightforward to make mistakes.  We asked our team of professional movers to offer some of their expert advice. Here are the top six mistakes that people make when moving and how to avoid them:

1) Packing Heavy Items in the Wrong Boxes

People are often careless while packing and put heavy items in the wrong box. The size of the box matters! Standard moving boxes come in several sizes. Large boxes are best filled with lightweight items like bedding and towels because they are more difficult to handle.  Small, sturdy boxes are better for heavy objects.

2) Forgetting to Use Box Labels

You delay unpacking in your new home when you forget to label your box. For residential moving, we recommend that you label each box with its contents and which room the box belongs too. This will make it less difficult to find items that you need on arrival.

3) Not Getting Measurements

Nearly everyone forgets that not all entrances are equal. If you have large items to move, like exercise machines and pool tables, you will want to make absolutely sure that they can fit through the entrance and any other interior doors in your new home. Take measurements yourself or ask someone to help you. This will help you determine what must be disassembled before getting there.

4) Dangerous Items and Materials

Due to their high risk level, professional movers are unable to handle certain dangerous goods. These include flammable and corrosive materials, cleaning solutions, and many others. They also don’t transport houseplants and pets. Make alternate plans for these things.

5) Booking Movers at the Last Minute

Never assume that a moving service is not on high demand. People are always moving; booking your move in advance is crucial. Specifically if you want to move during the peak months of early Summer when families move children between schools.

6) Choosing Moving Companies Without Doing Research

The movers that you choose will make a huge difference in your moving experience. Do your research and choose a mover with a solid reputation and who can offer you the services you want. There are lots of different types of moving services, so make sure you pick the one that fits your requirements.
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