Are Movers Responsible for Damage?

Are Movers Responsible for Damage?

One of the client's biggest concerns when moving is that their belongings remain safe and unharmed. If you hire a good moving company, you can avoid accidents. During the moving process, professional movers usually take responsibility for any damages to items in their care. However, how much damage is covered and the compensation for that damage will depend on the contract terms and specific circumstances of the move. It is recommended that you read and understand the terms and conditions of any contract before hiring movers so that you will be aware of what to expect.  

The contract between you and your Hamilton Mover is legally binding, so in the event of damage or loss, your contract will be the deciding factor. Consider the following scenario to see if moving companies are responsible for the damage. If the company offers damage protection, you can hold them accountable for the damage. 

It depends on Who Packs the Moving Items

You hire movers to enjoy a comfortable move free from mishaps and damages. The expectation is all your belongings will be intact when you arrive at the new location. Often, the person who packed the boxes is responsible for anything that goes wrong with the packed items. You should not be liable for damage caused during transportation if movers pack your belongings. If the movers picked up the boxes but did not pack them, they may not be liable

Damage While Moving Boxes

Houses might get damaged when boxes are transported during the move. Sometimes the damage is unavoidable; for example, a trip caused by loose stairs resulting in an accident is not the movers' mistake.

A mover is usually responsible for damage to a home when it is purely their mistake. Lifting heavy furniture, awkward boxes and long work days can result in dented drywall or scuffed floors. Therefore, you should take photos of your home before moving day to document its condition. If damage is evident during or after the movers arrive, they are accountable for the loss and liable to pay for repair.  

Keep an Inventory to Get Reimbursed for Damage 

The process of moving can sometimes result in damage or loss to a carton or belonging. It is a good idea to take pictures and list all your possessions. There are times when your favourite possessions are broken due to accidents. In the event of a mishap, you can only provide proof of a carton and the condition of your belongings if you have an inventory and photos. There are moving apps available using which you can create an inventory and keep photos. Alternatively, you can use a spreadsheet with digital photos or a simple ledger. 

Hire Morrison Moving

Make sure that you hire a moving company that guarantees to document and report any damages to the customer that may occur during the moving process. Morrison Moving offers stress-free moving solutions in Hamilton and nearby areas. Residential and commercial clients can contact us for moving, delivery, storage, and packing services. Read our last blog, "Things to Consider Before Hiring Movers." 

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