How much do moving companies charge for storage?

How much do moving companies charge for storage?

You may be moving soon and have some questions about how much moving companies charge for storage.  This article is for you if you think you may need temporary or long-term storage for your furniture and personal items. 

They are plenty of storage options available for all your temporary storage needs. Prices will vary from each company you call. Storage prices will depend on what you how much that you want to store and for how long. Picking the ideal option will depend on the size of the move, your budget, and convenience. 

Storage Options and Factors to Consider

Length of Requested Storage:

When you are considering storing your items with a moving company, it is important to figure out how long your items need to be stored. Sometimes if your storage is longer than six months, some moving companies might not be the ideal option. However, Morrison Moving provides competitive prices on long and short-term storage options

Access to Your Items: 

You will have to consider if you will need 24-hour access to your items while they’re in storage. Some moving companies have limited hours and may require you to be flexible during their warehouse hours. Morrison Moving has very flexible hours for their customers and all your storage requirements. Morrison Moving has alarm-protected, climate-controlled units perfect for anyone who needs storage for documents, computers, electronics and valuable personal items. 

Keep in mind that all rates will vary depending on which moving company you call. Moving company storage can cost .40¢ - $1.00 per cubic foot. Many companies also charge per unit. We recommend getting an official storage quote by filling out this form.

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