Are movers insured?

Are movers insured?

When moving to a new location, hiring professional movers can be expensive.  Some people may be quick to turn down moving insurance. 

However, do you need it? 

Not all moving companies are equal.  Some moving companies include moving insurance with their services, while others may only have insurance for their own protection. You must make sure if you are protected or not. Ask for it in writing to confirm you are protected. Not all movers are insured. Express caution when shopping around and ask for proof of insurance coverage. 

Premium Moving Insurance Coverage

Despite the fact that you might be using a professional Hamilton mover, often there is a possibility of damage or loss during the move. Unfortunately, the movers cannot control everything. Many companies may offer extra insurance coverage for damages, accidents, and loss.  Hamilton moving companies usually ask their customers to purchase additional insurance protection for household goods and other items. 

How to Protect Yourself:

  • Find out about the liability coverage.
  • Get an in-home estate and estimated value of your possessions.
  • Check that the movers are covered by WSIB.
  • Choose movers that have security measures in place.
  • Look into if your home is insured for accidental damage.
  • See if the policy covers walls, hardwood floors, stairs, and doors.
  • Check the maximum value of the insurance policy.
  • Ask about the process to submit a claim.
  • Find out if they have any unsettled claims. 

Choose a moving company in Hamilton that provides:

  • Fully Insured with premium moving insurance
  • No hidden fees.
  • No minimum hours.
  • No fuel surcharge.
  • WSIB coverage.
  • Security measures.
  • Professionally trained movers. 

If you are moving to Hamilton and surrounding areas, contact Morrison Moving for a quote.

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