Best Tips for Moving and Unpacking With a Baby 2021

Best Tips for Moving and Unpacking With a Baby 2021

Moving to a new home with a young child can be a challenging task that requires good organization.  We asked our moving experts for some tips on moving to your new home and unpacking stress-free. 

Hire Professional Moving Company

It is recommended to get professional movers to help. When researching your options, consider movers that provide a variety of services, including full service moving, professional packing and storage. Many moving companies get booked quickly; you should call in advance to get some quotes and reserve your spot.  Also, make sure you cross-check each company online to make sure you are dealing with a quality mover. Check out reviews and the BBB.

Remove Unwanted Items

Your move will be more comfortable when you remove your items that you don't want any more. This is the best time to purge all the extra things you don't use anymore.  A good rule to use is that if you haven't used it in more than a year, get rid of it.  This also gives you less to unpack and less stress on your baby. 

Organized Packing

Make sure you take the time to be organized when packing. This will help to unpack with the baby more manageable and faster.  Consider the option of a full-service move that includes professional packing. 

Here is some guidance if you do it yourself:

  • Pack strategically
  • Label each box
  • Don't overstuff boxes
  • Pack like items together
  • Separate personal items by room
  • Don't mix rooms 

Baby-Proof the Home in Advance

Moving can be exhausting and stressful. It's a good idea to baby-proof your new home prior to unpacking.  When you do baby-proofing in advance, it helps you feel better because you have removed situations for accidents to happen.
Here are some essential things to consider:

  • Unpack while your child is sleeping
  • Remove empty boxes
  • Remove packing
  • Use safety gates.
  • Use child locks
  • Cover electrical outlets.
  • Baby proof doors
  • Install baby monitors
  • Hire a baby sitter
  • Leave your baby with family 

Clean your new home in advance

It could be wise to hire a cleaning company to clean your new home before you unpack. If you are going to do your own deep cleaning, do so before the baby arrives. A babysitter or having your family watch the baby can give you the extra time you needed to clean safely. 

Baby Essentials

To save yourself a headache by bringing all your baby essentials with you.  By doing this, you can set up a safe area in your new home to keep the baby contained.  Make sure you bring the portable crib, swing, playpen and toys.  Having everything your baby needs handly will make life easier.

Keep Things Handy

Keep your children happy with snacks and toys. We recommend switching things up by changing their toys every hour to keep them interested.

Outsource Moving to Professional Movers

Treat yourself to professional moving services. Hire Morrison Moving to make your entire move stress-free. Consider our full-service moving option. This is where we take care of the loading and unloading, transportation, furniture assembly, and heavy items.
Contact Morrison Moving today for a quote. We can help plan your move safely.



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