How to Safely Move During the Winter

How to Safely Move During the Winter

Sometimes moving in the winter can pose a challenge due to the weather. The weather can make things potentially dangerous for you and your possessions. Things like black ice or icy walkways can cause slips, and snow could soak and damage your possessions.

We asked our moving experts for advice on how you can move safely in icy and cold conditions. This is what they said:

Make sure to use salt:

It's a good idea to make sure that you salt the walking areas at both locations. This includes the driveways and all walkways.

Where good winter shoes:

It's a good idea to wear winter boots or shoes that offer good traction. If you own steel toes, we advise that you wear them to protect your toes from boxes and furniture. Suitable footwear will help to prevent slipping on ice.

Protect the floors:

Tracking in salt, snow, and mud can cause damages to your floors.

It is a good idea to use rugs and mats to protect your home's high traffic area. This includes areas that you or movers will be walking. You can also use old towels.

Protect Against Snow:

If it is snowing or raining, protect your items and furniture. Many times, towels are a great solution. You can also use trash bags and tarps, which are great for heavy rain or snow.

Dress Warm:

Dress warmly in layers that you can easily remove when indoors.

Drink plenty of fluids:

When moving, you should always stay hydrated. Invite everyone helping to take a drink constantly.

Take breaks:

Ensure that you take breaks for five to twenty minutes. While resting, drink some water and eat something light. If anyone feels exhausted, allow them to take a more extended break. Could you encourage them to sit down!

Outsource winter moving to Professional Movers:

Treat yourself to a professional moving service. Hiring professional movers will make your entire move stress-free. Let them take care of the loading and unloading in the cold, transportation in icy conditions, furniture assembly, and heavy items. Contact Morrison Moving today for a quote. We can help plan your winter move safely.



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