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Con artists and moving organization imposters take advantage of thousands of consumers every year. Although these types of numbers are a small fraction of the millions of moves handled by professional movers each year this still causes stress and grief to the victims of these crimes. Many times people are left with lost or damaged possessions, thousands of dollars in extra fees, and hours of wasted time dealing with the moving nightmare.

Consumers can prevent falling victim to a scam by choosing an established mover to handle their moving needs. Make sure that the mover is fully licensed and insured, and meet high standards for safety and customer service.

The police are investigating plenty of cases where scammers are posing as moving companies on websites like Kijiji and Craigslist. All the scammer has to do is set up a fake local number with a prepaid cell phone or VOIP number. Then they create the listing on free classified listing websites to lure in suckers who are focused on saving money. Scammers get away with this scam because people don't cross-check or verify them before giving a deposit.

  • Get some comparisons by getting at least three free estimates in writing or by email. Avoid abnormally high or low estimates when making your choice. 
  • Select a moving company with a physical location close to you. Do a drive by and check them out at their facility. The mover should be happy to show you around the office and give you references on how good of a job that they can do. Look for their branded trucks and vans.
  • Ask the mover to come to your house for a quote. Show them everything that needs to be moved, from the attic to the basement. Don't forget your stuff in your sheds, garages and storage areas.
  • Carefully read every document to make sure that the contract works for you. Ask for a copy of everything that you sign. Never sign a blank form.
  • We recommend that you never email a deposit or payment information to the mover. Don't give your driver’s license, cheque or credit card information. A professional mover will provide a secure way for you to pay.
  • Ask tons of questions if you don’t understand something. Ensure that your mover has your cell phone number to reach you.

Morrison Moving is a five staff moving company that has over 30 years of experience. Get first class customer service and support. 




January 19, 2018 Morrison Moving Staff

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  • "The team that you sent to us for our move was a great bunch of guys; they were very professional, considerate and helpful with our move. Please take time in thanking then and I would defiantly recommend your team to any friends that need help moving thanks again."
  • "We used Morrison Moving for a small move the other day. The two fellows they sent showed up at the apartment shortly before they were scheduled and they had all the stuff moved out in a very short time. When we got to the other end all the pieces seemed to come in just about as fast as we could place them. This was a real treat, to work with such a friendly and professional team. Thank you."
    Bill Finch
  • "Job well done! Thank you Grant,Vernand Wayne. Talk about Energy, Fast, well organized and efficient workers!"
    Mr. & Mrs. Fleming
  • "Hi Mike, Just wanted to thank you and your guys for making our move (Oct. 30 ) very trouble free. Everything went very well and Shane, Dara and Collin were excellent to work with. There were no issues at all.  Again thanks ! "
    Dave and Marybeth
  • "All I can say is, "Wow!!"! I just used their services to move the contents of a warehouse and they were extremely professional and took great care with everything. Thank you Michael, Ken, Cory and the entire team for making the move so smooth. I can't say enough about Morrison other than you will not be disappointed. The entire team treats your move as if it was their own. Thank you again!!"
    Mary T.
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the crew you sent on Saturday. My last experience with movers was not a great one. Shane, Tony and Dan were very professional and courteous. They even went the extra mile and had felt pads for the bottom of my chairs in the new house. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and colleagues."
    Diane and Ken

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