How to Get Ready for Last Minute Moving

How to Get Ready for Last Minute Moving

Sometimes you need to move in a hurry. Whatever your reason is, preparing for a last-minute move can be very important. The purpose of this blog is to help you with preparation so that when the movers arrive, you're ready to go. For most people, it can overwhelming knowing there is a lot of work that needs to be done. We asked our professional movers for some tips to help you with planning for a last-minute move. Here is their advice:

Have a Plan

As you begin getting ready for your last-minute move, begin by making a list of every task that needs to be done. Talk a walk through your home and look in each room and make a list of all the things that need to be done for each room. When you make a list, you can break down the entire job into smaller tasks. Smaller tasks will help increase your confidence and optimism.

Sorting Items

Now is the best time to figure out what you are taking with you. Start sorting what you want to take with you by going to each room. If you haven't used the item in a long time, we recommend that you give it away. An example of this is those old jeans from high school that do not fit anymore. Create three piles such as items for packing, donating, and garbage. Sort all your things into these different piles. If you’re having issues deciding if you should keep something or throw it away, just put that item to the side to go back to.

Packing Supplies

After you have sorted your things, you will have an idea of how many boxes you will need for packing. We recommend going to Home Depot for boxes because the boxes they sell are cheap and of good quality. Some other places you can find boxes are stores, Facebook pages, local hardware stores or storage companies. Don't forget to get bubble wrap, packing paper and lots of tape. Quality supplies will help make the task of packing easier. We also recommend that you buy a variety of small, medium, and large boxes. Ask us about our wardrobe cartons.

Pack Rooms in Order

Some people scramble when preparing for a last-minute move. They jump from room to room and start packing all over the place. This strategy will take longer and cause you to lose your packing momentum. When you tackle one room at a time, you will build confidence in your ability to get the work done.

Get Some Help

Make sure that you ask for help. Ask family and friends for some help. It's a great way to connect before your move and make the process go faster.

Professional Help

Sometimes people don't have the time to handle the last-minute move. This is where a full-service moving comes in handy. This service handles the packing, moving, and unpacking. Ask your mover if they offer this service or can recommend a company that does. This service will ensure all items are properly packed, moved and unpacked.

If you need help with an upcoming move, make sure to give Morrison Moving a call. No matter the size of your move we can help you out. If you need help with packing, talk to our customer service representatives about our full and partial packing solutions.



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