The Best Guide for Packing Your Bedroom

The Best Guide for Packing Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most significant parts of your home. This is the place where you sleep, get dressed and relax. If you are planning to move, you will need to pack all the things in your bedroom. We asked our packing experts for their advice on how to pack a bedroom.  To pack your bedroom efficiently, we suggest that you check out a few of our packing tips.  This is what our packers recommend. 

Have a Packing List

Make a packing list of all your items. Have a look at all the things that you need to keep in your bedroom. We suggest that you start with your clothing.  Then follow up with your bedding, a mattress and box spring, and your furniture.

Create a Packing Timeline

It a smart decision to start your moving plan with a packing timeline. This plan will help you deal with the timing of each packing task. This plan will allow you to start with items on the importance of each task. 

Pack Items You’re Not Using

Some people are guilty of keeping stuff in their bedrooms that they are not using. This differs from season to season. One example is keeping summer items when it's cold outside; you don’t need to have your summer gear available. You can also safely pack away your beach gear in packing boxes unless you’re travelling. The same idea applies to your bedding. Pack items you are not using like an electric blanket or comforter.

Moving Your Bed

The most critical thing in your master bedroom is your bed. We suggest that you start disassembling the bed frame the day of or before your moving day. A good idea is to review the instructions for your bed frame if you kept them. This will make the disassembly and packing task a lot easier. Place pieces like screws and dowels in a ziplock bag. Tape them to a piece of the bed or put it in a box that is labelled. If you have a dresser that has have a mirror, follow the same advice as mentioned above. If you have the budget, look at hiring professional movers that will pack and unpack all your items. 

Protecting Your Furniture

When you move delicate furniture, it can be challenging.  Most people have heavy and fragile furniture in their bedrooms. To prevent nicks and scratches during the move, make sure it’s appropriately packaged with moving blankets or wrap. You can ask the movers if they can wrap your furniture.

If you are not interested in packing and would like to outsource packing services, Morrison Moving can pack for you. We offer a full service moving package that takes care of everything for you.



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