Moving Tips for Office Managers

Moving Tips for Office Managers

Some office managers go without a moving plan so they can save time. When office managers don't have a plan, it often costs them more time managing their office move and their busy schedule.

The just about all successful moves are done with a moving plan. A moving plan is crucial to keeping your moving strategy on track. It allows you to manage your workflow and effectively communicate with your team. We asked our office moving experts for some advice on how to create an effective moving plan, this is what they said.

Plan Ahead
Planning ahead is going to make your life a lot easier. You can schedule moving tasks such as:

  • Internal and external communications
  • Packing
  • Purging
  • Cleanup
  • Setting up in the new office

You can even use your moving plan as a guideline for project deadlines to prevent scheduling conflicts. If you spend some time to planning ahead, you will avoid wasted time scrambling to recover from mistakes. And you will decrease the overall stress of being concerned about what comes next.

Improve Communication
When you improve communication with everyone about the upcoming move, you won’t distract your team from daily work. Select one tool for communicating and use it to give regular updates. We recommend that you store files related to your move in a central location such as a shared filed on a network. It is easier to communicate and keep people focused throughout the moving process when you establishing methods for sharing important information. Many times email can be a distraction. It a good idea to summarize your progress and send updates once a week based on the specifics of your move. Share your moving plan timeline and provide plenty of updates the closer you get to moving day.

Schedule Packing
Devoting time for packing will make sure employees remain focused on the end goal. This will help to prevent wasted time worrying about finding enough time to pack their offices. Provide some leadership skills and give clear direction on how and what to pack. This will speed up packing and unpacking in the new office. With everybody following the same process, you will not have staff members wondering what to pack next.

Here are some basic tools that we suggest to help manage your moving plan:

  • Google Docs for filing sharing
  • Create an excel spreadsheet with columns for each task
  • Create labels that provide details for each item to make moving and unpacking more efficient
  • Consider using Plastic Moving Bins/Boxes for easy and reliable transportation
  • Have meetings to provide updates and discussion
  • Create Checklists
  • Consider outsourcing your office to professional office movers


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