How to Prevent Some of the Biggest Packing Mistakes

How to Prevent Some of the Biggest Packing Mistakes

Packing is one of the most important parts of moving your household items. It is known to be stressful, difficult, and exhausting. If you take on packing with a new state of mind of readiness and come equipped with the know-how to make it go effortlessly, then you will end up packing effectively with ease.

Our team of professional movers came up with some tips to prevent packing mistakes:

Don't Wait until the last minute to pack

When people wait until the last minute to pack, they will tend to rush and not do a great job.  We suggest that you make a schedule for yourself and make the time to pack each room effectively. It's a good idea to give yourself extra time because packing commonly tends to take longer. Plus waiting until the last-minute causes people to get stressed and forgetting things.

Don't over-pack

It is recommended that you never stuff your boxes with too many items! Over-packing may lead to it tearing and cause some items to get lost along the way. Try to use two boxes instead to protect your items. Always label each box to make unpacking easier. Consider renting Plastic Moving Boxes/Bins.

Be cautious when packing liquids

If you are going to be packing liquids, make sure you ask the moving company what their rules are and if this is acceptable. Make sure that the containers are sealed tight and put them in a Ziplock bag to prevent spillage. It is good practice to place the liquids upright and label it.

How not to forget items?

Create an item and packing supplies list to help you from forgetting things. This will assist you to keep track of all the items that you have in every room of your home.  When a task is complete, all you have to do is check off each item. Your checklist will help you to purchase the proper amount of packing supplies you will need before you start packing.

Maximize your space

We encourage you to maximize the space that you have.  To maximize space, put sizeable items into the boxes first, followed by more compact items. This strategy will prevent you from using more boxes than you need.

Packing shoes incorrectly

Never stuff all your shoes into a box or bag because they will end up getting crushed and damaged.  Preferably instead, stuff shoes with packing paper so that they will not lose their shape. Wrap each shoe with packing paper when you are complete. You can also use the original shoe boxes if you still have them. Always place heavier shoes at the bottom of the box and lighter shoes on top.

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